Math Shouldn't Be A Problem

Math can be frustrating to the brightest of kids. We take the time + effort to identify where your child struggles + develop a method to help them better understand the material.
With our help + guidance your child will feel comfortable tackling those tough math questions. We give them the steps needed to break down the problem + understand how to solve it
Soon your child will be able to solve any math problem with ease. Our goal is to get your child to not only understand math, but to like it as well

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In-Home and Virtual Learning Tutoring

GFHG Tutoring in-home and online program is designed to eliminate the crowded atmosphere associated with traditional classrooms and other large group instructional sections.

School Curriculum

GFHG Tutoring follows the lessons and academic content taught in the school. The goal is to get your child to understand the material that is being presented to them in classroom.

Flexible Schedule

GFHG Tutoring make it easy to set appointments around your busy life. We have available time slots during after school hours, school breaks, and weekends.

One-on-One Tutor

 With an one-on-one experience, your child will be able to have the personal attention needed to ask those questions that they might not feel comfortable asking in the classroom.

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Meet the Founder

pamela 97
 “Realize all students are not at the same level; have patience for everyone and build a rapport with your students.  The goal is to teach students to become thinkers +  problem solvers; encouraging them to concentrate on the concepts more than the grade itself.  As a teacher and tutor, I know that I’m  a role model and will encourage my students to keep striving!”
– Pamela Andrews | Master Mathematician

The Georgia native is a product of Atlanta Public Schools, graduating from Frederick Douglass High School.  She served as the Community Outreach/Victim Witness Coordinator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for seven years.  During the process, Mrs. Andrews ran a Junior Special Agent Program at the former John Wesley Dobbs Elementary School where she was so moved by her work that she decided she wanted to make the time she spent with the children more permanent.  In 1998, she completed her Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Middle Grades Mathematics and later completed her Masters with a concentration in Business Administration.

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